281. Je Suis Charlie

Because of the horrible drama in Paris,France I´m going to whrite this, just becuase I want you to realise:
Killing is wrong, 
No matter why it became murder
It doesn´t matter if it was terror or not
I think we should make fun of the world
Why not?
Because if you wanted the magazine to stop,
well you stop too then.
Stop lauging at typical black people jokes
At jesus things at tv-shows like family guy
Stop thinking it´s not racism if you say something about white people,
Stop lauging about for example: Swedish things because
Hey! I just might get angry about it?
No! Be louder! Laugh and have fun
Be the person you are
Those journalists knew themselves
what kind of riskes they took by publishing things 
They knew they got threatened
Needed security that wasn´t there
So, why didn´t they stop?
because they lived for it
They loved the jokes and criticalism
If you don´t like
Well.. Don´t read it
Don´t you care
I have no idea who you are
But killing is wrong
No matter what
No matter if they made fun of religion
or politics
Don´t you dare laughing at anyting again
if you the free word shouldn´t exist
The free world exist
It is in our world 
and we love it
It is because for that we can be who we are 
So don´t you dare
Just stop blaming and telling people something is wrong
They have their own opinion
Killing is wrong
No matter what
- Moa Andreasson, 15/01/08
Before you comment something: I do not know everything and I do not have all the information but this is my own opinion so please respect. Je Suis Charlie. May you rest in peace. 
Lisa Eriksson

sv; ja det var superkul!

Alma Bengtsson

Bra skrivet Moa! Je suis Charlie.

Svar: Tack :)
Moa Andreasson

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